Why Marketing Matters

We believe marketing is the driving force behind the goals of any practice. Whether you’re wanting to increase the number of patients you see during the slow months, change the composition of your referral base, or are looking for new ways to tell your practice’s story, marketing matters. Marketing your practice can take many different forms, many of which lie beyond the traditional realm of “advertising”. There are many unique ways to engage your referring doctors and members of your community that are effective, memorable and can grow your practice dramatically.

Marketing is not only about seeing more patients or more treatment plans; it is an effective vehicle for expressing organizational values in your community.

Marketing Is

  • Empowering & Proactive
  • Exciting
  • Fun
  • About bringing the team together
  • Often a great way to express your organizational values
  • An investment in the short and long-term health of your practice
  • A way to distingish you from your competition
  • A way to motivate others to act            

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